Updating roof antenna in co ops

16-Aug-2017 06:59

Under terms of the settlement, Continental must pay the co−op 6,000 this year in addition to an annual rent payment for the rooftop space.

The report from the co−op’s independent engineer found that the antennas were safe, according to the settlement.

Kymeta's technology "could solve the challenge of vehicle-based satellite communications," says Shigeki Tomoyama, who runs Toyota's intelligent transportation research efforts.

Because a passenger car needs less data than an airliner carrying hundreds of passengers, the automotive version of Kymeta's antenna will likely be six inches in diameter.

That's why Toyota's over the idea of 4G connections.

Continental Communications sued North Shore Towers and the co−op’s board of directors individually for 0 million after the co−op held off on endorsing the company’s permit for the antennas, which were up for renewal.

Herb Cooper, one of the Towers’ board of directors, was waiting for the co−op to hire an independent engineer to look into potential hazardous effects from the antennas before the co−op would act on the permit.

The Kymeta antenna is made up of a liquid crystal gap layer between two circuit boards or sheets of glass.

It can be electronically reconfigured to point right at the satellite, which means no moving parts and no heavy, very un-aerodynamic dish that needs to swing this way and that as the vehicle it's on moves around.That's why the Japanese automaker's working with Kymeta.

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