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19-Jun-2018 12:52

What information has the government, or public directory sites posted?

Has information about you been posted by your parents or other family members?

Much of the time you may never understand that there is a connection between something we, a friend, or family member posted and a subsequent consequence.

Think of each piece of information as a drop of water.

Applying this same caution and good sense online will go a long way towards protecting you and your family.

Remember, Internet safety is not something you can effectively impose on anyone over the age of ten.

You should also have discussions with the parents of your children’s friends if your child is going online at their houses.Draw some conclusions about what personal information you want to share, what information you are willing to share in certain circumstances, and what information you don’t ever want to be shared. Ask whether people in your family are comfortable with how far the ripples carry your information and who else might be affected.Keep in mind the concept of how information placed online can be permanent and where this information might be shared in the future.Fortunately, kids have a basic sense of self-preservation most of the time.

They do not want to be ripped off or abused by a scammer, thief, or predator.

Often the information needed to identify and locate you is not all hosted in one place, but the combined amount of information may be enough to do harm.

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