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19-Dec-2017 17:33

The judge said Marcus is not a danger to the community and has sufficient community support to not be a flight risk.

Hutchins was arrested Wednesday while returning home from the Def Con convention for computer security professionals.

The six charges Mr Hutchins faces relate to an alleged conspiracy between July 2014 and July 2015.

It is not known why his co-defendant's name has been redacted in court documents - it could be because he has not been arrested or is helping the FBI with their investigation.

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Some are using the hashtag #freemalwaretech and say he was arrested in America to avoid extradition proceedings in the UK.Mr Hutchins is likely to have to pay a huge bail to be released and will not be able to leave America.His friends and supporters say that he has been set up.Yesterday, his mother Janet Hutchins said it was 'hugely unlikely' that her son was involved because he has spent 'enormous amounts of time' combating such attacks.

Jake Williams, a respected US cybersecurity researcher, said they have worked on various projects, including training material, and the Briton always refused payment. I can't reconcile the charges with what I know about him.

They have found tweets where he asks for samples of the malware he is accused of creating.