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24-Jun-2017 21:23

A Haxe application (if you choose to build your code as one) is just an entry point and not which I think is an important separation – the entry points, loops, and more are dictated by the platform and not the programming language - otherwise you are no longer targeting languages but runtimes.

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A similar approach may be possible for general Haxe code wishing to run as a thread when the target environment does not support threading.

— Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub Foundation/haxe/issues/3075#issuecomment-44544929 .

You can get GL context on several targets so if your happy to fight with GL coding I think you can do exactly what you suggest currently eg: var gl = Browser.document.create Canvas Element()Context Web GL( cast );

It's important to consider platforms like i OS and Web run the main loop for rendering applications entirely differently, there is no while true and there can't really be a loop like this.

Mobile has heavily platform specific ways that tie into the application life cycle and removing control over these aspects for the end user to facilitate this is quite impractical and for me not an option.For example, I notice h3d has its own asset system - but does this cover audio?

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